Changes in our CS-roster

ROUKSiE and jezkuee have left our lineup.

After long discussions our CS-roster came up with the decision, that they won't continue with the same lineup. We discussed with the team captain Mikko "MIGCOU" Virtanen and decided, that he will continue with us and we will build a new roster with him.

After all the changes we are now in a situation, where Lauri "ROUKSiE" Ojala and Jere "jezkuee" Koskinen have left our lineup. We are still discussing with other players and building a new roster. The lineup will be published, when the spots are locked.

"It was unfortunate to hear that the team didn't feel like they could continue as one, but we are happy, that Mikko said yes, when we asked him to remain part of us. Jere and Lauri are two amazing players and we are really thankful for them for being part of our journey." -Eero Kemppi, Esports Manager

We want to thank Lauri and Jere for their time with PATA and wish them alll the best in the future.