Aces eSports was found in 2017, when Finnish ice hockey team Porin Ässät decided to take a leap of faith and started co-operation with Finnish Overwatch-team formerly known as Reakt. Ässät was one of the frontrunners in Finnish sports scene and had the courage to give our impact to delevop Finnish eSports and bring it to the bigger audiences.

Porin Ässät

Porin Ässät plays ice hockey in Finnish Elite League and has won the championship three times (1971, 1978 & 2013). Several former Ässät players play in the National Hockey League (for example Erik Haula, Antti Raanta & Joel Armia)

Together we are Aces!

This sentence includes everything we want to represent. We want to support our players and young future stars and fight against exclusion. We want to teach people that what we do. matters.

Aces now consists of our Overwatch team and our very own streamer psaaikNserious. We are also expanding to new games and areas in the future.